Sent 7/23/01 & 7/29/01
Colorado1.jpg (231323 bytes)

Ian at Casa Bonita (Mexican restaurant) in Denver.

Colorado2.jpg (152715 bytes)

Ian, Jon, Mom, Carl on Pikes Peak

Colorado3.jpg (214820 bytes)

Jon & Ian on Pikes Peak


Colorado4.jpg (181300 bytes)

Ian, Jon, Dad & Mom at the Pikes Peak summit (14,210 feet)


Colorado5.jpg (184546 bytes)

Jon & Ian on Pikes Peak


Colorado6.jpg (102710 bytes)

Jon & Ian on Pikes Peak, in front of the "incline railroad"


Colorado7.jpg (200100 bytes)

Ian & Jon on the edge of Pikes Peak

Colorado8.jpg (244736 bytes)

Mom, Jon & Ian in front of the suspension bridge at the Royal Gorge (bridge is 1053 feet above water)


Colorado9.jpg (286861 bytes)

Ian & Jon in the snow.


Colorado10.jpg (171002 bytes)

Ian, Jon & Mom, in the cable car (aerial tram) at Royal Gorge


Colorado11.jpg (241461 bytes)

Ian & Jon in Columbine Lake (in front of our house)

Colorado12.jpg (228708 bytes)

Jon & Ian in Columbine Lake


Colorado13.jpg (229665 bytes)

Jon & Ian, feeding yellow-belly marmots (aka "whistle pigs")

Colorado14.jpg (173633 bytes)

Katy & Megan at Casa Bonita, 7/11/01


Colorado14a.jpg (134755 bytes)

Ian, Megan & Katy at Casa Bonita


Colorado19.jpg (102537 bytes)

Ian & Jon, Columbine Lake 7/28/01

Colorado16.jpg (114086 bytes)

Uh, mom's quote (7/24/01):

"Before the parade started.  This horse gave the boys such a good time.  He made a big pile of doo in the middle of the street.  After that, the boys made bets on whether the wheels, hoofs and feet of the paraders would step on the pile."

Colorado15.jpg (128726 bytes)

Ian, Jon, Mom.  Indian Village, Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo 7/25/01

Colorado17.jpg (105346 bytes)

Trail Ridge Pass (which goes through Rocky Mountain National Park), on the way to Cheyenne 7/24/01

Colorado18.jpg (102687 bytes)

Return from Cheyenne, Trail Ridge Pass 7/26/01


Sent 7/31/01  &  8/1/01

Colorado20.jpg (244918 bytes)

Ian in red, Jon in yellow. Taken from the balcony

Colorado21.jpg (235142 bytes)

Taken from the balcony

Colorado22.jpg (187996 bytes)

Ian in red hat, Jon with cannon on right.  Six Flags Elitch Gardens, 7/12/01

Colorado23.jpg (224743 bytes)

Jon and Ian reaching towards each other.  Elitch Gardens, 7/12/01

Colorado24.jpg (178357 bytes)

House of Mirrors, Elitch Gardens, 7/12/01

Colorado25.jpg (159503 bytes)

Ian & Jon on Bat Wing at Elitch Gardens

Colorado26.jpg (201238 bytes)

Jon & Ian in Nerf Ball Factory (Elitch), soaking wet

Colorado27.jpg (210299 bytes)

Ian at Nerf Ball Factory

Colorado28.jpg (154149 bytes)

Ian at Nerf Ball Factory.  Apparently his face never got tired from smiling non-stop for 10 hours

Colorado29.jpg (101932 bytes)

Jon & Ian up in hot air balloon (with Dad) 8/1/01

Colorado30.jpg (61866 bytes)

Ian on balloon

Colorado31.jpg (112272 bytes)

After the 40-minute balloon ride, riding back to town

Colorado32.jpg (89388 bytes)

Packing up the balloon

Colorado33.jpg (83972 bytes)

Stopped off to feed the marmots again.  "The boys each had a bag of whole wheat bread cubes, peanuts in the shell, peeled baby carrots, and 1" lengths of celery.  To the boys' disgust, the marmots seemed to like the celery best."

Colorado34.jpg (87628 bytes)

Ian feeding the whistle pigs (yellow-belly marmots) 8/1/01

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