It is being built at KB Home's "Independence At Mather", and will be almost 3000 square feet, sitting on 0.38 acres - quite a change from our current 1300 square feet on 0.137 acres!

I will be updating this page throughout construction, with updates on its estimated completion date.




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The house is almost done!  Pictures from June 5th (and a few earlier)
My new commute, 18 miles along the back country roads to work
Has a disaster occurred that they are trying to hide?

Before construction - Jan 20, 2004
The empty property & the neighborhood
Pictures of the model home that we've chosen

June 6, 2004 -- a disaster?

The house should be done June 18th.  However, yesterday when Kelly and I were there (a Saturday, and we expected the house to be locked - we were going to peek in the windows), there were workmen replacing the living room ceiling.  It was almost done, did not think much about it.  We went upstairs, and I noticed the carpet in the master bath was all wrinkled and figured they were doing stuff before putting it down.  Then I looked in the master bath closet, and noticed that the wall behind the shower was ripped out!  It had been done in a huge hurry - they were not graceful about it.

I put 2 and 2 together and realized -- the master shower had obviously leaked.  Very badly.  I peeled back the master bath carpet (not tacked down) and saw it was all water stained.

Then it clicked:  That is why they were replacing the living-room ceiling!  And, I realized, that is why there was a de-humidifier chugging downstairs, and several carpet-blow-dryers all over (one still going in the master bathroom, 3 unplugged downstairs).

My new project -- I am going to research mold.  I have a very bad feeling about this... if they still have a dehumidifier going downstairs after they've re-sheet-rocked the ceiling... does that possibly mean that it is not thoroughly dry?  If it was not 100% dry before they redid the ceiling, mold may infest our house!

This thows a huge roadblock up.  I already left a message with the sale office (who has not called me back), telling them I am alarmed about this.  I am going to insist they pay for an independent mold inspection.

To top it off, they are re-drying the carpet that has water stains on the back... not replacing it!  I am not going to accept that... not for the price we are paying for the house!

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